What do classes cost?

$8 per class for an adult (prices are set by the PCYC).

You will also need to become a member of the PCYC which is around $20 a year if you are under 18 and around $30 a year for over 18′s. This membership gives you access to all PCYC facilities.

What can I expect to learn?

Practical, natural techniques to redirect any attack, and followed with an offensive practice. You will walk out the door knowing you can defend yourself.

Because we live in modern 21st century Australia rather than feudal Japan, China, Korea classes are not run in a “traditional” way.

Although the traditional aspects of Hapkido are acknowledged in our uniforms and by bowing at the start and end of every class – we don’t bow to each other (except in gradings) and we don’t call the instructor “sir” or “sensei”.

We work harder than most other martial arts class and we also play music during the warm up and cardio phases of class.

While tradition is important it is not the focus of Northside Hapkido – our focus is the practical and applicable art of self-defence.

What should I bring to my first class?

It would be a good idea to arrive ten/fifteen minutes or so before the class starts – that way you can meet everyone, sign PCYC forms and so forth. It would also give us some time talk about the class and find out what you’re after and fill you in on how things work

Other than that – you don’t need to bring anything, a towel is useful, bottle of water perhaps and loose clothes that you dont mind being grabbed and stretched.

Do you have any training qualifications?
Yes, the instructor is a qualified level 1 national coach.

Is Northside Hapkido a member of any national bodies?

Yes, Northside Hapkido is a member of the Martial Arts Industry of Australia and is also a member of the Kukjae Hapkido Federation.

How does Hapkido work?

The skills in Hapkido work in a pyramid-like structure.

The base skills are kicking, punching, falling and striking in general (including palm strikes and elbows and escapes). A good hapkido student needs to have the best grounding possible in basic skills to create a strong foundation to build on.

This means if, in high stress situations, they don’t (or can’t) properly apply their higher order techniques (such as locks and other joint manipulations) they can always confidently rely on their base skills. This strong core of confidence enhances a students ability to defend themselves in any situation.

Can I bring my children?

No. Although Hapkido is excellent for any ages this is essentially an adult class and we have very few places for children (these places are currently full).

This ensures the adults and teenagers who attend get the full benefit of the instructor’s time and attention – which means a good work-out and excellent coaching for all.

More information about Kukjae Hapkido can be found here