Equipment and resources


Recommended equipment

After training for one month it is recommended each student have the following equipment:

  • mouth guard (preferably dentist fitted)
  • focus mitts
  • punching gloves – 12 oz or better.
  • uniform (White) wrap around or V-neck style. If the uniform is of lighter material it is a good idea to reinforce the stitching. Black trim is reserved for instructors.


Northern Martial Arts supplies (Brisbane) - based in Strathpine.

Kukjae Hapkido

Kukjae Hapkido website - the home website for the Kukjae Hapkido Federation (Northside Hapkido belongs to this federation)

Training Videos

Visit the Training Videos page to check out some recommended training material.

I have tried other martial arts that try to teach students to catch flying punches and pull fancy moves but they are ultimately impractical for the real world. That’s why I keep coming back to Northside Hapkido. It teaches real techniques for the real world.
Police Officer