Northside Hapkido


Northside Hapkido is currently taking a 3-4 month break. We hope to be training again in August.


At Northside Hapkido you will learn:

  • how to use everyday items as self defence weapons – including pens, your bag, even a newspaper
  • how to strike an opponent – including palm strikes, kicks, punches, knees and elbows
  • how to escape if someone grabs you
  • how to protect yourself if you are grabbed
  • how to win or escape if you are taken to the ground.
  • how to defend yourself.

Brisbane’s Northside Hapkido also provides a complete workout – targeting and toning all areas of the body while also increasing fitness.


At Northside Hapkido, Brisbane you will walk out of your first class with techniques you can use.


Northside Hapkido – 100% self defence